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Compromised Immunity

Cat No: 1623321969
Duration: 00:47:24
Date: 1988
Location: London
Original format: Lo Band U-matic
Colour: Colour



Written in 1986 by Andy Kirby Compromised Immunity was developed for 
the Gay Sweatshop Time Ten theatre festival and was originally directed 
by Philip Osment. Gay Sweatshop took the production on tour from April 
to June 1987.  

A London hospital takes in its first AIDS patient.
Compromised Immunity tells of the fraught and complex relationship 
between a Gay man with Aids and his heterosexual male nurse. 

Production Credits

Andy Lipman
Philip L Timmins
Writer: Andy Kirby 
Cast: Richard Sandells, Madeleine Blakeney, Pip Stephenson, Peter Shorey, Duncan Alexander 
Produced by: Third Wave/Gay Sweatshop

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