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Framed Youth - Revenge of the Teenage Perverts

Cat No: DSS0018
Duration: 00:46:10
Date: 1983
Location: Unknown
Original format: U-matic
Colour: Colour



The  Lesbian and Gay Youth Video Project formed in in 1982 and about 25 young lesbians and gays made this video about themselves. Jeff Cole, one of the group, explains the process: 

"We were challenging the ways that conventional documentary makers were showing lesbians and gay men on television documentaries and so wanted to include ourselves as makers and as subjects, not in any way trying to be balanced. We found ways to film each other that helped us feel comfortable and we did loads of experiments using the new VHS and Betamax cameras. When the editing came to be done the new technology of the freeze frame helped disguise some dodgily shot interviews but also had the great effect of helping the viewer to concentrate on what was being said. So what with adding in clips of tv and films as comment and videoing what we shot in the street on a monitor (to highlight the outside ‘straight’ world) we were throwing away all the conventions in the book, not to mention chopping up what we said underneath all the freeze frames to make it sound better – we ended up getting an award for Best Documentary from the BFI in 1983 and being shown on Channel 4 (at midnight in a youth slot) in 1986."

Production Credits

Project Co-ordinators: Andy Lipman & Philip Timmins
Project members: here 


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