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Being White

Cat No: DSS0001
Duration: 00:29:20
Date: 1987
Location: Albany, London
Original format: Umatic
Colour: Colour



Being White gathers various white people to discuss issues related to skin colour and the injustice of white privileges, as well as the prejudice towards ethnic minorities, especially black people. Different communities (e.g. English, Irish, Jewish) are represented. The issues related to racism in England are particularly linked to the country's imperialist and cultural history, and to the political climate of the 1980s with Margaret Thatcher in office. In addition, some of the participants denounce the absurd stereotypes that still have an effect on education, as they are presented in children books and child care guides.

Production Credits

Tony Dowmunt
Geoff Stow, Carol Stevens
Brian Cohen, Val Goodman, Dave Harper, Jackie Jolly, Rachel Martin, Jane Pepper, Maura Rafferty, Jenny Reid, Peggy Taggart, John Walton - the group; Barbary Holland, Buddy Larrier - group facilitators; Mavis Clark, Rooney Martin - script;  Tony Dowmunt, Carol Jacobs, Tessa Matthews, Carol Stevens, Geoff Stow, Trix Worrell - technical crew; Tony Dowmunt - editor; Tony Dowmunt, Rooney Martin - producers; Tony Dowmunt, Mavis Clark, Rooney Martin, Kobena Mercer - direction. An Albany Video production in association with the Federation of Community Work Training Groups.


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Previous Comments

Wow was amazing to see this again. As Im sure you know mum (Rooney) isnt here so I will treasure this. And share it with My children. And a shame we are still fighting the same battles..... Thanks to the Albany who played such a huge part in my Life,

Rachel Martin - Peer
24th June 2018