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Nicola Field

Cat No: CVOH0030
Duration: 00:20:57
Location: London
Year: 2016
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Nicola Field is a writer, artist and activist based in Peckham, south London. She was part of the Lesbian and Gay Youth Video project which created the Grierson award-winning scratch-video documentary Framed Youth. FULL BIOGRAPHY HERE
00:00:07 Joining Framed Youth 00:03:43 My Role in the Group 00:07:21 Gender in the Group 00:10:04Group Process
00:11:38 Production Process 00:13:35 Mainstream Event 00:14:57 Resource for LGBT History 00:16:24 Getting Clearance for the Channel Four Broadcast  00:17:35 BFI Screening 00:18:18 Channel Four Screening 00:20:22 Political and Social Intention
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Production Credits

Elly Nakajima
Interview and Edit
Jeff Cole, Siobhan Schwartzberg

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